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On-the-Water Training On Your Own Boat

Learn to safely enjoy more time on the water!

Customized training to fit your schedule and needs. Cover any or all of the following topics:


Avoid Unpleasant Boardings

Avoid an unpleasant boarding: Know your boat's safety equipment requirements

Learn how all your boat's on-board systems work

Be prepared every time you leave the dock with a custom safety checklist


Learn docking and maneuvering


Handle docking and maneuvering like a pro

Learn line handling, knots, fenders, when and how to use them


Practice close quarters handling


Practice "man overboard" and other emergency procedures

Handle river currents, drawbridges, locks and narrow channels with confidence


Aids to Navigation and Rules of the Road


Know the "road signs of the water": buoys, lighthouses, daymarks, etc.

Learn the navigation rules and earn the respect of commercial skippers


Navigate to new destinations


Read nautical charts for expert piloting and navigation

Know how to plan for and navigate overnight cruises to new destinations


Get home safely at night, in fog or heavy weather


Handle your boat confidently in the open ocean

Be prepared to navigate at night, in fog or heavy weather


Learn to use your electronics


Learn to use your Radar, GPS and other electronics

Know how to sound like a pro on your VHF and SSB radio



Anchor with confidence

Safely trailer, launch and retrieve your boat



Train to be a safe and effective First Mate or crew member.


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